Thursday, 11 March 2010

Helen's challenge 75.

TITLE:- Hitting a JC sesh L2M
English translation - hitting a “just chilling” session listening
to music!
Journaling reads:-
In the last couple of years Jack has really got into his music.  He loves
house, electronic dance and hip-hop.  Most of his CDs are DJ Mix
compilations he buys or downloads online.  He discovers most of his new
He logs on a few times a week to listen to the latest previews and is a big
fan of Royal K, Nic Supply and Euphonic aswell as DJ Fresh and
DEADMAUS.  Jack, Grant, Brendan and Pete all share the same music
taste so take it in turns to buy original CDs and burn them for each other

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Love that at his age he has such a definitive taste in music ...

Love, Tracy G