Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Tracy K's challenge 48

Title: New Year's "Resolutions" 2008

Resolution #1: I will learn to paint or at least pretend that I know how to
paint and do it anyway.
Resolution #2: I will stop referring to my mother as “the evil one”.
Resolution #3: I will not brag about my amazing sex life, lest it disappear.
Resolution #4: I will not be sad that I am not supermom, but will try to
find underwear that say so.

Resolution #5: I will blog more about real things
instead of lists of things that I think are funny.
Resolution #6: I will not roll my eyes EVERY time my husband asks me if I
want to watch a zombie movie.

Resolution #7: I will wear pantyhose at least twice…and not on my head as
makeshift reindeer antlers.
Resolution #8: I will exercise more. LOL. I don’t really mean that one.
Resolution #9: I will go to bed before midnight on school nights.
Resolution #10: I will not write checks with my mouth that my butt can’t
Resolution #11 I will learn what a “butt cashing check” is.
Resolution #12: I will vacuum. No, really.
Resolution #13: I will stop thinking about Krispy Kremes in a sinful manner.

Resolution #14: I will finally figure out a scam to make money online.
Resolution #15: I will stop referring to that evil old goat at church as “
satan personified”, because Satan would probably be a lot hotter.
Resolution #16: I will invite friends over for dinner and cook it myself
Resolution #17: I will take more pictures of objects, because someday when I
die and finally become famous people will probably want pictures of my
refrigerator magnets.
Resolution #18: I will go back to college. I know…which one? Barber or
Resolution #19: I will stop joining online dating sites and using the name
of my high school nemesis. I think she may be benefiting from it.
Resolution #20: I will stop making New Years Resolutions. I mean really,
does anyone even remember them by February?


jacki janse van rensburg said...

those resolutions are SO FUNNY! at last some i can relate to...

cabbie lopez said...

cool layout and journaling!

Kate said...

That is SO funny love it!

Lynette said...

Oh this is good!!!!

Tertia said...

You made me LOL for the first time this year! Thank You.

Nicole Drewniak said...

Tracy, you slay me! Great job!

Shannon said...

GREAT LO! I laughed so hard and enjoyed how much you and I are alike! I am so glad to have inspiration like you to look foward to!

janis said...

super loooovvveee your resolutions!!!! made me LOL!!!!

Ali said...

OHMYGOSH. I was giggling my head off! WTG, LOVED this LO and all the funnies! Thumbs way up!

Liza said...

That is so much fun Tracy! Witty journaling!