Thursday, 22 January 2009

Mia's challenge 49.

Title: I am a Domestic Engineer a.k.a. Homemaker a.k.a. Stay-At-Home-Mom
Manages the resources of the household. May perform general housekeeping chores and personal services, or may assign them to other members of the household or even employ people outside the household to do these tasks.
Keeps the home clean and running smoothly. Cleaning tasks may include dusting, sweeping, making beds, washing and waxing floors, vacuuming, and a wide variety of other chores. Must make sure that clothing and household items are laundered, dry-cleaned, or mended when needed. Responsible for shopping for food, clothing, and other household needs.
Responsible for planning, cooking, and serving many of the meals for their households. May make arrangements to have others cook meals in the home or to buy meals from outside sources.
Tasks include maintaining the household budget. May take care of bills, banking, tax filing, and other financial matters. Often responsible for day-to-day expenses, and sometimes long-range financial planning for the households. With other household members, may make decisions about buying insurance, taking vacations, getting loans, and other important matters.
Have a great deal of responsibility for the care of children. If children are very young, must feed, dress, and bathe them. As the children grow, must be responsible for creating a happy, healthy environment that will foster positive emotional and physical development. Required to teach children good health and personal habits, and make sure that they have proper medical and dental care. May help them with their homework.
Required to drive household members to and from their daily activities.
Tasked to improve the appearance of their homes. May often decorate houses or apartments. may paint or paper walls and ceilings, apply floor coverings, or refinish furniture. Sometimes, may care for lawns and gardens.


Ali said...

Lovely job Mia! Such an excellent idea to journal this as a job description! :o)

cabbie lopez said...

you are indeed a supermom!!! i salute you too!

Tracy said...

Hear hear, Cabbie!!

Well done, Mia - love your LO.

Love, Tracy G

Liza said...

Wow Mia! Love love the way you journaled and that great title too! Way to go Engineer! =D

Mia Castrillo said...

Thnaks, thanks girls! :-) I am so loving the JJ challenges! :-)

Helen Tilbury said...

Love it...all the elements that make a perfect page are there!