Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Readers' Roundup

This review of 2008 is from Shayne.

Our 2008:- Pixie Cat joined our family
- Olivia started playschool & Jack & Jill
- Gemma Taylor born 15-03 - I assisted
- Iain visited for a couple of months
- Eileen passed away but our family was reunited again
- Daniella achieved 3rd place in Grade 4
- Dean built his 'dream' bike
- We had a wonderful family holiday in PE

This review is from Monique ~ who also kindly translated it for us all.
Journaling reads:(1st card)
1. Jan.: Mats turned 3 (in Dec.) and these are his Elmo treats for kindergarten;
2. Feb.: Mats gets a “big” bed!
3.: March: Manon takes care of the easter decorations;
4. April: Timothy’s school soccer team for the 4x4 games;
5. May: Our holiday in Scotland and Timothy’s 9th birthday;
6. June: Manon with her streetdance class during the performance “Colour” in the theatre in Rijswijk; EK: Oranje (Dutch soccer team) plays and everybody has the orange fever;
7. July: end-of-season barbecue with Timothy’s soccer team.
(2nd card)8. Aug.: Holiday in France: 1st week in a chalet in the Ardèche in Bourg-Argental and the 2nd week at camping Beau Rivage in Cardet with Paul and Michèle and kids;
9. September: The kids in the garden of “het Prinsenhof” in the centre of Delft;
10. Oct.: carving pumpkin masks for Halloween;
11. Nov.: Manon turns 12! Blowing out the candles is still fun!
12. Dec.: Xmas eve with presents under the Christmas tree. Mats turns 4!! Blowing out the candles from his yellow Diego marzipan cake!

This review from Rowee.
Review of 2008
1. April: We spent 1 month vacation in Singapore.
2. May: We moved to our new bigger house.
3. July: Rain was accelerated from Kinder 1 to Kinder 2.
4. August: My father turned 60 this year and Rain turned 5.
6. September: My sister-in-law gave birth to a twin.
This is Janis' resolution
Bed time, New Year’s eve. With a bare face and a camera on my hand, I bravely took this shot. Quite fitting, I should say, to a promise in the days to come….I resolve to be always true to myself – need not pretend, need not hold back… will dare to bare my soul in everything I do.
Thanks ladies for your contributions - you have done an awesome job and I am delighted that we have been able to inspire to this degree. Having people take part in the challenges just makes it all worth while.


cabbie lopez said...

lovely creatons there ladies!

Ali said...

What excellent year in review/resolution pages. GREAT work!