Saturday, 3 January 2009

Challenge 48

Dec 1999.
What a fun night. We partied away to music from the 40s to the 90’s.
Uncle Steve and I spent hours putting tracks together. The evening was organised by Friends First Church and we all had an absolute blast. And the ATM’s all still worked after midnight. I know ‘cos we checked.

This one is from Mel and the challenge is to journal Dec 1999 if you remember what happened then and if you have photos.
If you don't then how you celebrated this year or the resolutions you made will be great too.


QueenTracy said...

Wow! I love that you used so many pictures in this layout!

Nicole Drewniak said...

Ditto! That is rockin'!

Ali said...

So much FUN here! And: a very cool LO! TYFS