Saturday, 21 September 2013

Modern media

I remember when tvs didn't have remotes, when you had to physically get up to change the channel, when you'd sit and watch whatever was on because you had a cat on your lap and were too cozy and comfortable to move. Then we got a video recorder, this allowed up to change the channel (if the tv was on #9)  by clicking the video machine remote. Sigh - what bliss. When we got married we didn't even have a tv for the first year and we survived it fine. Then we got a huge, box type Phillips tv. We watched what we could, if we missed a programme that was too bad. A few years later we bought a video recording machine of our own. Now we could tape those favourite shows and not miss then if life intervened. Huge step.
Next many years later was DStv. More channels, including MNet. We watched movies most Sunday nights. Still no taping - for that we needed a PVR - too expensive. We would often sit to watch something and miss the beginning or end of scrolling through the myriad of channels searching for something, anything that we could watch as a family.
Then hubby capitulated and we brought home the PVR. Now we could watch a channel and tape 2 others. We could schedule up to 20 series. This radically changed what and when we were entertained. I love that I can sit down and watch what I want to when I want to. Such bliss. My remote and tea and telephone to hand. Still weighed down by cats and still cozy.

Debbie Hodge, on the paper clipping round table, mentioned how she uses modern media to record and use technology of today to capture her memories and add to the everyday story telling she does.
She asked for some layouts from the creative team and I had the one above handy, so you can see my 2 cents worth in the blog post, here.

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