Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hearing voices

I have a layout featured over on the Get It Scrapped blog again, this time its about using different people's voices for your journaling. I get into a rut, most of my journaling sounds like I am leaning over your shoulder telling you the where, why and how of the photos you're looking at. I speak, with my voice directly to the child whose album it is or the family member who is looking at that family album. Sometimes though a family memeber remembers something differently or puts their own spin on what "actually" happened. In my house I get to record rewrite history. What I journal in the layout - that's what happened.

“This layout celebrates our trip to Akureyri through my husband’s eyes.”
“I gathered photos from our trip and then copied and pasted pertinent facts about the destination from Wikipedia. I used Teletype font, which is a typewriter font, for this factual journaling. 
Below the photos I chose a hand writing font to render my hubby’s thoughts and feelings about our day trip around the town there.”

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