Thursday, 26 September 2013

Mixing old and new photos.

Over on the Get it Scrapped blog there is super inspiration on mixing old and new photos, I have a layout featured there too.
Stefanie Semple says, “So often I get all bent out of shape by the nitty gritty of everyday life, things the children say, things they neglect to do. The days seem so long and yet the years fly by and soon the two oldest could be leaving the nest and I know that I will miss them then too.”
“I paired two family photos, taken more than ten years apart, putting them next to each other, as if on a timeline . I made them both black and white to remove distracting background elements and colors. I suppose I am highlighting the changes that ten years have made, the growth in the children, more than anything else.”
The kraft background allows the primary colored elements to pop. The heart, doily and word art are red and form a strong visual triangle around the photos; the giraffe and measuring tape are nods to their growth; the sunrise paper block is a reminder that the sun will come out again tomorrow and that everything will work out. The butterflies are a subtle reminder that what the caterpillar thinks of as the end of his life – is merely another beginning. Stitching, photo anchors, staples and buttons all add visual attachments. The string bow on the giraffe adds an important dimensional element.”

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