Thursday, 29 August 2013

Just a little OCD

 I submitted this layout for critique at the Masterful ScrapBook Designs office hours with Debbie Hodge and Tiffany Tilman, saying:
 I would love some feedback on this layout. It is very simple and yet story-centric. It is about our silly cat and the way he drinks water. 
I have a visual triangle of orange and grey items. Bows, stitching and splatter for dimension.
Is there something that I am missing? Somewhere to add tension and drama?
I used Janet Phillips template In the spotlight 2, Jennifer Labre's kit - Home Sweet Home, River-Rose Design's Cats and Dogs & Patti Knox Catnip Crew alpha.
Debbie said that she'd like to see the date tag moved to the right a little and Sue suggested that I move the title to the top or the bottom. so when I nudged the date tag I moved the title as well.

S suggested that I make the title more obvious - less hidden behind the flowers and Tiffany suggested that I add an unexpected pop of a different colour and maybe some brush work. When I moved the title the brush work became clearer and I made the one flower smaller so that the one with the pop of pink became more prominent. I also flipped the ball of yarn horizontally so that it leads the eye towards the kitty embellishment.
And I like the end result even more than the original. Total win-win.

My thanks to everyone for their encouraging words and their creative input.

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S said...

Oh, it looks great. Both those kitties are adorable.