Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Inspired by Gallery Walls

I have probably mentioned before how great Debbie Hodge over at Masterful Scrapbook Design is at spotting trends. I so appreciate her eye and wisdom in these matters. Usually just by the time I am ready to use a trendy item, it's so last season already.
My layout is on the Get It Scrapped Blog, in this article.

I first created this one, very similar to a real gallery wall I have going up the stairs in our home. I have these animal photos and very rustic frames. Then I realized that I had missed the point of the article and it was to create a gallery wall of things that were important to me, so using frames and edges from a variety of LDrag's kits. I added three lots of black wordart to create the visual triangle.

 “My gallery wall is filled with the people and things that are most important to me: my family, home, pets, photography, scrapbooking, fresh flowers and orange tea in my favourite mug.”

“On an actual wall arrangement, I would convert the photos to black-and-white to unifythem. This is a great collection of recent photos that represent me, though, and so I kept the color. I loved using frames all in different colors and roughed up along the edges, I added deep digital shadows to emphasize their dimension. I used the alignment and spacing tools in Photoshop to place the framed images. I added decorative borders at canvas top and bottom rather than embellishing the frames. The borders keep the eye contained within the confines of the layout and add more dimension, color and accents. 

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S said...

Great collection of snapshots - but no clever title?