Sunday, 18 August 2013

Faroe Islands

We disembarked and the weather was drizzly and not suitable to meander around town. We heard some people booking a bus trip to one of the islands further north and also booked the 400 to Klasvik. (R648)

It was incredibly picturesque, the bus was comfortable and quite luxurious. We walked around Klasvik, I took pictures, Hubby had spotted a sports shop from the bus so we walked there and he shopped for a bathing costume. We saw woolly goats, sheep, grass covered roofs, lovely waterfalls and just quaint houses.

 From here down photos are from Klasvik - the road to this town often went through tunnels, under the water which connected the islands.

It was chilly and we wanted to thaw out so we popped into the tourist office and asked for a coffee shop. This was upstairs and more like an artist studio. We had coffee, when we wanted to pay they sent us to pay downstairs. No slip - just trusting us to be honest. -Wouldn't work in Africa.

Most of the folk spoke good English, I suppose because they are quite close to Britain. We bought a fridge magnet and then some water at a cafe. Didn't really walk around Torshavn itself, we went back on the boat.

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