Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Another post over at Get it Scrapped:

I love creating layouts like this because they freeze time. I mean the jewellery I wore ten years ago was so different from my staples now. When the kids were small the contents of my handbag were so different from what I jug around now. Well I remember having spare undies in my bag, half sucked lollipops etc. So often the ordinary everyday changes, it either changes swiftly or evolves over time, even as we try and keep it the same.

Stefanie Semple says, “My jewelry collection should be in a single drawer, but a bit of it it usually escapes its confines.”
“I used trailing greenery as the entrance point to the layout. A metal heart cues the jewelry subject. I added white brushwork beneath the journaling to make it more visible. I love that the layout has two distinct sections and that the journaling forms an integral part of the design. The three photos are in series and move from the necklaces hanging on the wall to the items in the drawer and then a close-up of a favorite piece. I love pearls and flowers and feel that my layouts and jewelry choices reflect this. I framed the layout with narrow black matting to keep the eye within its confines. Without it, the arrangement felt too loose.”

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