Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Which one are you?

I am thankful to Kim Broedelet Graphics and Designs, Kim is a fellow South African and she blessed me by allowing me to create with some of her beautiful kits. She sells at ScrapMatters.

This one was esp fun for me to recall now that my oldest is 18 years old, finished school and learning to drive that once upon a time I wondered if he was a boy or a girl.

My journaling:

My breasts are tender, I feel ratty and bloated, the test is positive.
I am pregnant.
I am hopeful, excited but a little concerned and wary as well.
Will this be it, this pregnancy ending in a live, squirmy life changing baby?
If you’re a boy I love the names Joshua and Jonathan, for a girl Sarah or Hannah. I want to buy stuff, cuddly toys and d├ęcor items. Please let the doctor see, don’t be so shy. My first born, I really want a boy first, but if you’re a girl, I still want you. I want you, little one to feel loved and accepted regardless. But I want to know which will you be? Will my days be filled with toilet talk, dirt and noise or flowers, tea parties and emotional turmoil? Just a little peek, a little hint?

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