Friday, 4 November 2011

Challenge 115.

 24 hour day
All in one amazing day.
A special day, an ordinary day.
Capture one person or one family,
 24 hours from start to finish.

Here is Karen's challenge 115.
1. 10.26- a flower in the tropical bio dome
2.10.29- Arthur exploring the tropical dome
3. 10.43- Nancy enjoying the tropical dome
4. 12.09- listening to a story in the Mediterranean dome
5. 12.18 = trying to get a good photo of Stanley
6. 12.18- me and Stanley
7.12.55- all our names on the GIANT fridge
8.13.06- Nancy in charge of the camera!
9. 13.22- our lunch - pizza and the most enormous scone with jam and clotted cream
10. 13.26- Arthur listening to another story
11. 14.05- random photo of me while we listened to another story
12.10 .52- Stanley and James braving the viewing platform at the top of the tropical dome

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