Thursday, 3 November 2011

time well spent

Elise asks us if we had any suggestions for a kit.
I said I would love one about time, how we spend it, the things that make up our days as women.
I have been so blessed by her awesome latest kit called: Time well spent.
It is available here at the digichick and is on sale for digital scrapbook day. (DSD)

My days seem to be filled with lots of busyness,
making school lunches, dishes, tidying the house, catching up on emails and blogging, watching the clock and making sure I won't be late to collect the children again. Just today I went with hubby for his X-rays. He was told to be nil per mouth from 10pm last night and even though he told me there was no anesthetic involved I thought I'd better go with just in case I needed to drive him home, because life happens you know?
Allowing my oldest to drive me to collect his siblings, that stressful time is a narrow period in our lives and I'd rather be potty training.
Deciding what to make for supper, grocery shopping, over seeing homework and free time in front of the pcs. Finishing the last few episodes of Heroes season 5.
All in a days work.
And my time, nothing better than curled up in bed, with a purring Siamese, soppy love story in hand and a mug of orange tea at the ready.

Thanks Elise, I love it.

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