Monday, 18 July 2011

Time for a new challenge : 108

Movies, we all have some favourites.
Choose one,all time favourite and tell us why.
What you loved about it, the setting, the characters.
Is it the same genre you love to watch.
Do you remember where and when you watched it for the first time and with whom?
Did you buy it as soon as it came out.
Favourite quotes from the movie etc.

My journaling:
This is arguably my favourite movie of all time, replacing "seven brides for seven brothers ~ my fav from Primary school) and Star Wars (my fav from high school).
I googled "the Proposal movie quotes and then copied and pasted them onto my LO.
Even now reading through them makes me smile.
We use some of the quotes as part of our family banter now and we all still smile and reflect on good times spent together.

This was (mostly) a layered template from double D studios - Designer Digitals.

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