Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Introducing Jellebelleke's Template Designs.

 Jellbelleke's :Let's get started volume 1. 

 I used this template and Elise's Pieces - Cloud Nine.
Journaling says:
Regardless of the weather, the ups and downs, anything and everything life throws our way you are steady and true I can't help but love you. I appreciate that you go with the flow, choosing to be content in any circumstance.
Jellebelleke's: Let's get started Volume 2.
 I used this template and My 4 Princesses - the graduates.
Summer sun Volume 1.

 I used this template and Elise's Pieces - All natural.
Title: Fearless
It must be a guy thing. All of you jumped on the quadbike and just set off, at high speed, changing gears, spreading dust in your wake. I stayed behind, too fearful, closing my eyes and then peeping out between my fingers, only prepared to take photos.

 I used this template and Elise's Pieces - Happy camper.

Title: Burn
One of the things you excel at is fire making. Your fascination with Granny's lighter and your love of matches sure paid off when we needed you to make us a cooking fire. You alone could get it to burn.

 I used this one and Elise's Pieces - Daddy's Day.
Father's Day 2011
I really appreciate that there are many things that Andrew does that I take for granted. Driving the children to school, taking out the trash on garbage day, painting and patching the walls, drilling holes for my pictures. Buying take-aways when I am too lazy to cook, keeping the pool clean, chasing the roosting pigeons away. He makes us laugh and keeps us safe. He looks after the finances of the family.
 I used this one, rotating it through 90 degrees.
And Design by Tina's - Digital Mom.

Tickle time.
Lately when Dad gets home the two of you start with some name calling..."hey you lady boy". That degenerates to some gentle face slapping, which while it freaks me out seems fun to them both. This is followed by rough housing, tickling with scream and laughter. What can I say? They like it.
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