Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A second from me, challenge 108

Because my children are such diverse ages it is seldom that we can find a movie 9or 2) that we all love to watch so this Friday we had an all ages one, followed by bedtime of the youngest and then the later viewing of the age restricted one.
Winter family time at it's best.

Again the journaling comes from my internet searching.

Little Fockers:
In a world where so many situations bring out the anxiety and fear of needing to impress, be perfect, and live up to an ideal, Meet the Fockers is a welcome reminder that love can overshadow any and every less than ideal aspect of our lives. The movie reminds us of how important love is within a family. It paints us a picture of a father and mother who truly love their family and, in this, portrays a love quite like that of a heavenly father who loves us all more than even the Fockers love their son. While God may not be exactly like Bernie Focker, the exuberant, life affirming love that the Fockers share with everyone reveals the heart of God's love and His desire to dwell not on our faults but recognize and grow everything we have to celebrate.

The Tourist:
The movie opens with Elise (Jolie) being trailed by French police working with Scotland Yard. They are trying to catch her old lover, Alexander Pearce, who owes a large sum of taxes. She receives instructions from Pearce. Elise is to go to Venice, Italy, pick out a man en route who resembles Pearce, and trick the police into believing that this decoy is in fact Pearce.
Elise follows the instructions, picking Frank (Depp), an American tourist. She spends much time with him, seeming to start a romance. The police recognize the ruse, but it does fool Shaw, a gangster whom Pearce defrauded.
Pearce leaves further instructions for Elise to attend a ball. Elise abandons Frank, who is then chased by Shaw's men, who think he is Pearce. Through a mishap, Frank is arrested by the police. A remorseful Elise starts to have feelings for Frank, and frees him from both the corrupt police and Shaw's men, leading to a big canal boat chase scene. They escape.. When Elise arrives at the destination, Shaw moves in, takes her prisoner, and threatens her with disfigurement or death unless she finds and opens a safe containing his stolen money. Frank slips the police boat to rescue her, causing her feelings for him to intensify, but he himself is captured. Inspector John Acheson repeatedly orders the snipers to hold their fire, convinced that Pearce will show. Ultimately, Chief Inspector Jones (Dalton) arrives and orders the snipers to fire, killing Shaw and his men. Jones lifts Elise's suspension, but then terminates her employment.
After the confrontation, the police run out to chase a possible sighting of Pearce. Frank then opens the safe, with only Elise present, demonstrating that he is no decoy, but the real Pearce. He and Elise take the money and run away, leaving behind the balance of his taxes owed.

Paper from Elise's Pieces, stitching from Jady Day studio's and embellishments from Madame Butterfly - Watcha watching.

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