Friday, 5 November 2010

Olivia's challenge 91.

Did this a little differently & created 9 postcards with images of things that inspire me.

I find design inspiration everywhere, selected these images as things that resonate with me & motivate me to get creative
1 - scrapbooking galleries & blogs always give me new ideas
2 - flowers, especially lilies & orchids
3 - glass, love the frosted effect & rounded edges of glass washed up on the beach
4 - Jim Henson animation, really like his style & endearing characters
5 - water; rivers, creeks, waterfalls - I just find something magical about it
6 - Disney, I'm still a big kid at heart & would love to work for Disney Interactive one day
7 - tree houses, like water they conjure images of magical creatures & fond memories from my childhood
8 - the Impressionists, specifically Monet & Degas, my two favourite artists
9 - colour! I like everything bright & cheerful, don't even own any black items of clothing. My favourite combination has to be pink, lime & turquoise, everything I design always seems to contain at least one of those colours, if not all 3!

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