Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Introducing challenge 92.

Karen's take on challenge 92:
Create a LO about a pet or pets
those you have, or a beloved one from childhood
How they got their name
what they do that is endearing
where you got them, how you chose them
how they have changed your life

George Boniface Bouncer

journalling reads

This is the unusual  story of our first ever dog. It all started one night when my Dad returned from the pub with a box of chocolates and a dog.( I did always wonder why the Rosa and Crown had chocolate boxes on a shelf behind the bar.) Dad told the tale that a man in the pub was threatening to shoot the dog unless someone took it off his hands so my Dad offered to rescue him.He was a pedigree beagle, the kind of dog that goes fox-hunting in a pack and had the full name of George Boniface Bouncer but we just called him George. For his first night he was left in the kitchen but he did't like to be left alone and scratched the door so for subsequent nights he was put in the shed where he he managed to chew his way through the bottom of the wooden door. It didn't take long before George was banished to a kennel in the garden but his skills at chewing meant he often escaped from his rope and left the garden . On one of these occasions he was found by Mr Darby, something of a grumpy old man, who decided not to return George to us but instead take him to the Police the next day. That meant he needed to put George somewhere for the night- hiss car was the obvious choice. In the morning Mr Darby returned to find his car had been eaten. George had chewed everything he could get his teeth into, carpets, seats, roof and door lining and seatbelts. The upshot of this was that George's story was spread across the newspapers, photos were taken of George looking forlorn in the garden with his new metal chain. Mr Darby's car was due for it's MOT- it failed. And Mr Darby had the cheek to charge us for dog food and his bus fare to the Police Station. My Mum also had the honour of being misquoted by the Sun.

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