Friday, 12 November 2010

Blogging it forward

The ever so charming Betty of Bettybake had this super great idea to do a blog it forward. To give some other great bloggers exposure on our blogs and then they do the same for you. In our little group we compiled a list of questions which we all answered. We are all South African bloggers, so enjoy. 

Introducing Cat from juggling act of life.
(she says: Mommy of a toddler girl, fraternal twin boys and two middle aged labradors, Wife, Daughter and Architect. Juggling the crazyness of life.)

1. Why you started the blog/ who you’re blogging for
I started reading blogs when I was pregnant with the twins as I felt really alone in the twin experience. I only started blogging about a year later on request of the mostly American girls who's blogs I read and commented on. Now I blog for myself as an outlet and a journal of our lives.
2. What you love about it/ hate about it
I love the wonderful support network that blogging gives and the great friends I have made. I hate that people read and never leave comments. It is so unrewarding.Especially if I comment on their blogs.
3. How you came to choose the name for your blog.
It was simply the best way to describe my life at the time - actually it still is.
4. Who would you give your last rolo to?
Most people - not too fond about rolo.
I5. If I were a colour, which would I be...and why.
Periwinkle - a lovely calm colour, and not too common. It's got a bit of a flair to it.
6. What 3 moments defined your life and explain briefly.
Losing my dad at age 7. My first lesson in independence.
Getting a bone tumour in my finger in my last year at school - it changed my career path from aiming to be a doctor to studying architecture.

Meeting Hunter. The ice princess was rescued by this wonderful warm and loving man, Without him, there would not have been kids.

7. What song would best describe you?
I will survive by Gloria Gaynor - the old 70's standard. I think I am one tough cookie.

8. If you could choose another career or job and money is no option, what would you do?
 I would love to be a professional photographer.

9. If the faerie comes with her magic wand and give you one wish that you have to use for yourself (and no one else), what would it be?
A very neat and tidy home that I can keep that way.
10.What are you doing this December and are you looking forward to it?
We are having a camping holiday at the seaside, just us and the kids. Christmas at home and then a visit to the in-laws in Port Elizabeth. I am very much looking forward to spending so much time together.
11. What 3 things are on your Christmas wish list?
Marita van der Vyfer's new cookbook.
A Kenwood chef (yes Laura, me too)
A zoom lens for my camera (ok being very unrealistic here, we do not do big presents - so why not add and i-pad)

12. What is your idea of a perfect day off?
At the moment I crave time alone with my dear love - so a day away somewhere beautiful withhim, no kids, just relaxing together. 
13. Favourite book – one that you can read over and over and not tire of?
This is a hugely difficult one for me -I read a lot. But maybe, "One hundred years of solitude" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. 
14. First blog you started reading?
No surprise, it was Tertia's - . I googled "twins South Africa" at blogs and found her.

15. You get to make over one room in your house – which room would it be and why? Maybe add a pic of how you would like to change it!

I would not like to make over a room, I would in fact like to add a whole room. I would love to have a work room/study type area where Hunter and I can work on our various projects, shut the door and work again later. I want to have a big enough room with a workstation for each of us, enough nice white cube shelves and place for an easel so I can paint again.


Dawn said...

Oh how I love getting to know others from all around this big old world.
It's wonderful to read and see what goes on everywhere...and realize we all have the same heart for matters that are important...and plain old fun:)

Thanks for sharing....(it seems I have "met" more people from South Africa today than anywhere:)))

Hugs from Canada:)

Hayley said...

Thanks for popping by my blog!

I am loving this blog hop..find do many awesome blogs.

Great post, love Cats blog!