Saturday, 11 April 2009

Readers' Roundup

This is from Timi.
A day before your 12th birthday, we went out to have coffee.
A very hot day that was, you opted for a frappe.
Glad you loved it.

This is from Pamela.

Thanks so much for your lovely LO's and for taking the time to participate.


Pamela said...

Gorgeous page,as always Timi!!

Thanks for the sweetness too, Stefanie!!

I love this blog... You ladies are very supportive of keeping it fresh, and awesome at showing love to participants... LOVE THAT ABOUT Journaling Junkie!!!

Later ladies... Pam

Helen Tilbury said...

2 lush layouts! Thanks for taking up the challenge...I just LOVE Pamela's layout -soooooooooooooooo fruity & the inking & ribbon...just delicious ;-)

Pamela said...

Thanks Helen!!... Funny thing... My best scrapping buddy argued endlessly about my title, in particular... Why?... She HATES the word 'juicy'... Who knew? Ha Ha HA!... Personally, I thought, IT FIT!