Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Helen's challenge 54.

Step 1 : Remove from packet & start to lick.
Step 2 : Pop into side of cheek & bond with hamster.
Step 3 : Swap cheeks for good measure occassionally.
Step 4 : Eventually (after 3 hours) attempt to bite.
Step 5 : (If step 4 fails) Climb onto top bank & throw onto (clean) floor!
Step 6 : Pick up pieces & stuff into mouth.
Step 7 : Chomp on pieces (30 mins).
Step 8 : Chew on gum found inside (30 mins).
Thanks to Reilly for the instructions.


Tracy said...

Very clever journaling idea - thanks for sharing ...

Love, Tracy

janis said...

great LO design. this is a fun LO. ;o)

Helen Tilbury said...

Thanks so much girls! It was fun to do...

Liza said...

That is fun! Love the look on your DS' face. A different perspective for the journal. Great!