Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Challenge 54: sequence

This fortnight's challenge is to feature a sequence of photos and of course to journal about them. First up is your first shave
You told me your moustache was "bugging people".
When I asked, "who exactly?"
You said, "me!"
So we bought you your own razor and shaving cream.
I was very privileged to be allowed to watch and photograph this momentous occasion.
I am so very proud of the way you are growing up and of the man you're becoming.
Love, Mom.

The second one is also one from me called just flying your kite.
Journaling: Paul and Lara gave you this kite for Christmas 2008 and you and Granny tried to fly it in our back garden, but it kept getting hooked in the trees so you couldn't wait to get to a beach to really try it out. When we stopped to picnic at Buffel's Baai in Cape Point the wind was good and Dad helped you get it airborne quite a few times.
Sadly though it crashed one too many times and one of the plastic spines broke and needs to be repaired.

You have until the 14th of April to get your LO's in to me.
Congratulations to Timi, the winner of our March RAK for participation.


Nicole Drewniak said...

What a great milestone to capture!

Mia Castrillo said...

Awww! Did you cry?? LOL! Your little boy is now a man! :D :D

Mia Castrillo said...

Woops! Congrats to Timi for winning the challenge contest. Way to go! :D

Helen Tilbury said...

Aaaawww, That's kinda sad. (Happy things always make me cry...)

Timi O. Mercado said...

Thanks! I'm so glad to have won last month's RAK!

Tracy said...

I love your LO's Stef - this is what scrapping is all about - capturing those poignant moments ... love it!!!

Congrats on the win, Timi ...

Love, Tracy

cabbie lopez said...

love the film strip accent! cool pictures.

Pamela said...

Here's mine for this challenge!... (It's on my blog)... TFL... Pam

jeanie nieva said...

this is my entry for the challenge.

journaling reads: "it must've been 30 degrees that day but you still managed to put on smiles that lasted the entire day. it must be true. it must be love."

thanks for a chance to play. :)