Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Mia introducing challenge 55.

So many people are doing the 365 - photo a day thing.

I would like to challenge us to do a LO about one of those random photos we take, that would be meaningless to others, but that make us take a step back and appreciate something small and significant just for today.

Mia's journaling:
July 2007
34 weeks pregnant.
Maybe, just maybe 3 is our lucky number, and this is my last pregnancy...Then I’d like to remember everything about it, every push, every kick, every it feels to have a being inside fulfilling every movement is. I’d like to remember how blessed I am to experience this 3 times. I’d like to remember everything about it.


Helen Tilbury said...

I love the yellow - a clever colour choice as it signifies new life.

Tracy said...

You look so happy in these pics, Mia ....

What a divine memory ...

Love, Tracy G

cabbie lopez said...

i love the clean lines here!