Friday, 27 March 2009

Reader's roundup.

This is from Timi:
Without you, whom will I wake up at 6:00 AM of every school day? Whom will I convince to sleep early during weekdays? Whom will I get mad at for playing DS the whole day? Who will ask me over and over again for his weekly allowance? Whom will I love and nurture for the rest of my life?
This is from Shayne:
Finally finding these pics was such a moment for me. I have so few pictures
of my childhood because of Mom moving so often, so I will treasure these
forever. I know they were taken in Aug 1982 but I cannot, no matter how hard
I try, remember the exact day or reason for this outing. I’m imagining that
it was after mom & dad split up, and that this was either our weekend with
dad, or our Sunday outing. We often used to go to places like Green Point or
Muizenberg with Dad. Iain was still little and I do remember having to watch
him a lot on days like these, as he was always all over the place, getting
up to allsorts of nonsense. I love how Rob’s looks like such a little lady
in her cardi and skirt, whilst I look like the biggest nerd of all – wearing
one of the numerous jerseys that Gran used to knit for us. I think that Dad
still wears some of the ones she knitted for him, so they must be close on
30 years old! How far we’ve come since then.

This is from Lynn.
What I wanted: a nice photo~ a dreamy photo ~a romantic photo
What I got: a fun photo ~ a happy photo ~ a lively photo
Thanks ladies for all your hard work and enthusiastic participation~ it makes it all worthwhile.


janis said...

well done ladies! ;o)

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Helen Tilbury said...

I meant the one from Lynne...only just seen the other 2...great journalling on both the others tho ;-)