Monday, 16 March 2009

Challenge 53

The challenge this week is set by Shannon.

The focus of this challenge would be an everyday event and using repetition -- recording what you were thinking about either while you were taking the pictures or how the pictures made you feel after you pulled them out to get ready to scrap them -- like for instance, originally, i had planned on scrapping about how Mackenzie is scissor happy and does not like to be disturbed --- and after looking at the pictures -- i began to see something different altogether and described the event and how Mack's everyday activities might give us some perception on what she may grow up to be and why.....

the journaling reads -- which ties into the title -- will you?

be an artist.....because you like to draw and create?
be an organizational consultant.....because while you are creating things must be just so?
be a often shuffle, twirl, jump over to me with whatever you've created?
be a great speaker.....because when you must show me your "art", you shout, "Look Momma! See, this is what I made!"
be a chiropractor or physical therapist.....because often if i don't look at the moment in which you are expecting, you will turn my head and roll your eyes and say, "Momma, I'm trying to show you something!"

whatever is in store for you...i know you'll be great at it, and you will make a difference in this crazy world....i love you mackie may!


cabbie lopez said...

love the journaling and the layout itself is very bright and colorful!personal touch!

Helen Tilbury said...

Brilliant layout with oh so much great journalling to help you remember!

Nicole Drewniak said...

This is such a fun read! Great job!

janis said...

great journaling, great LO!!!

Pamela said...

Here's mine!... I was doing a page for a DT challenge (Design Star) at Urban Anthology, and started the journaling with the intention of meeting this challenge too... This was an ordinary day, an ordinary FAB photo, and the precious realization that I AM VERY LUCKY, for lots of reasons, where my daughter is concerned... TFL!!... Pam;sa=view;id=1165