Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Cabbie's challenge 53

as i was looking at you,
i see a boy who's open to challenges...
who's not afraid to face adversities.
the game you're playing signifies a brief journey you'll be facing.
you continue to endure no matter how steep the step seems.
you direct your thoughts fully concentrating on what to do next.
in life, i know you'll persevere as what you did with this game.
i know you'll continue to hold on to whatever challenge that comes your way...


Helen Tilbury said...

Very funky the saturation in the photos...also the layout with the 2 sections & white space in-between - highly original. The journalling is also fantastic as a little "love letter" for years to come ;-)

Nicole Drewniak said...

This is so funky looking--love it!

janis said...

love all the colors here - - colorful yet "subtled" by black. ;o)

Liza said...

Great journaling Cabbie! And I love how you "separated" the elements in your design. Love it!