Friday, 6 March 2009

February's winner : Meet Janis.

LO removed for publication.

Title: Bitter Sweet
I think it is fair to say that I earned my way to college. I would not
have gone to study at my university had it not for the full academic
scholarship that was offered to me - - which proved to be most helpful
when Dad died of lung cancer halfway through my course. It was hard for
me and the family - - we were financially broke, we were all in denial and
inconsolable with our loss. I was told to stop studying and start
providing for the family? one degree was enough they said??
but I couldn't? I wouldn't? I didn't. Amidst the emotional and
financial blackmails, I persevered. Worked long hours to earn extra money
for my allowance, tried to keep everything going my way - - I was
determined as hell?? and it paid off. I graduated Cum Laude with degrees in Economics and
Accountancy and placed 9th in the national CPA licensure examination
shortly after. The journey was bitter, the end was sweet. To look back
with pride and no regrets, sweeter.

I am Janis, a scrapbooker from the Philippines.
I am married to a very supportive husband JE and a mother to Nat (3yo) and Phil (2yo).
I started scrapbooking April 2008 and have never been able to stop.
I do mostly 12x12 layouts but also dabble in cardmaking and altered projects.
I love to be challenged, and this craft brings out the passion I have for
reliving memories and celebrating life.


Lynette said...

Love this layout!

janis said...

i am deeply thrilled to be JJ's GDT for March. thanks so much for the opportunity. ;o)

Rowee said...

Way to go JaniCongrats!!! Proud to be PinoY!!!


cabbie lopez said...

what an emotional journaling there, janis. but you are one talented lady! i love your layout! congrats!

Mia Castrillo said...

Congrats Janis! So proud of you!

Anonymous said...

this is just awesome, janis! what handcutting action! WTG! :)


Helen Tilbury said...

Very funky layout & what a story! ;-)

Candy said...

Gorgeous LO with an endearing and heartfelt journal! Love this, Janis! Congratulations!

Mei Ann Guerrero said...

Congratulations Janis! This LO is awesome. Great story too. I'm so proud of you!!!