Sunday, 16 February 2014

It's not like I'm going to MARRY the guy.

My love story as shared on the Get it Scrapped Blog:

Stefanie Semple says, “I have wanted to tell the story of our first date for a very long time and am glad to have finally done it. I included a photo that I googled of the movie poster, other than that the muted shades of grey, red and pops of turquoise add a little zap of colour from the neutral back ground paper that I used for the journaling. The story is what this layout is all about so I wanted to make it easy to read. I created a visual triangle with clusters, top left with the title, this also helps to set the scene. The eye then moves right to the photo where I have added the date back in 1987. The male and female icons, in the bottom left cluster are nondescript, because I didn’t want this to be an overly romantic layout, even though there are hearts as a motif they are small and subtle as our love story was only beginning.  
Journaling: “His plan was to invite me to a horror movie first, knowing that I would decline it and then suggest the Bond movie, trusting that I would feel obligated to say yes to that option. Little did he know that I was really wanting to see the Living Daylights and having it be a date was an even better option.
When I told my friend, Allison at Varsity she told me not to lead him on if I wasn’t interested and my famous last words to her were: “It’s not like I’m going to MARRY the guy!”
In true Andrew style, he left things to the last minute so instead of going to the 8pm show we caught the 10 o’clock at the Golden Acre.  My mother wanted to meet him so he came around for supper first and arrived 45 minutes late. He said he hadn’t expected the traffic to be so heavy, and he didn’t want to appear too eager. I thought he wasn’t going to make it and was sitting watching tv with a cat on my lap – which is why it was my Mother that answered the door when he eventually arrived. He was a typical student and loved having a home cooked meal.
After the movie we chatted in is car for a bit and then he came home with me for coffee.
Little did I know that would be the first date of many, and that 25+ years later we’d be married and responsible for Allison meeting her Hubby as well.”

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