Wednesday, 16 October 2013


My layout created for the article on the Get It Scrapped blog, about translating other crafts onto and into scrapbooking layouts.

“We went to visit a friend and my daughter took to their new puppy. Her enjoyment of the puppy was contagious.”
“Before I discovered scrapbooking, I sewed, did cross stitching work and candle-wicking. I often add digital stitching  to my layouts to add texture and dimension without having to worry about piercing my paper and breaking sewing machine needles. I love the sense of movement and dimension stringy elements add to my pages. The embroidered flowers add feminine charm and support the garden setting of the photos.”
Stefanie’s tips:
  • Use embroidered flowers to break the borders of a grid/blocked design
  • support a garden setting with embroidered flowers
  • add movement and dimension with string and ties

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