Wednesday, 25 January 2012

St Thomas

St Thomas
Is nicknamed the Rock City. It lies in the Caribbean Sea and forms part of the district of the United States Virgin Islands.  They have a population of 51 000 and a land area of 80.9kms. The Danish were poor managers of these islands and allowed USA to purchase them in 1917. They grew sugar and this brought prosperity until 1848 when slavery was abolished and the increase in labour costs made them less competitive.
We got a tour to sight see the island ($25 down to $20) A negotiated with Winston the muscle man. We saw the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and Koki Point beach and Skyline Mall. They had a cable trip to the top of the hill but it was way too much for us to take for that short distance. The island was not the most prosperous, school children wear school uniforms and they have gorgeous beaches. They also drive on the left hand side of the road, even though the drivers sit on the left.
It wasn’t the most exciting island and we were back on board ship by 2.30pm.

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