Sunday, 22 January 2012

New Year's resolutions.

Most years see me making resolutions to lose weight and get fitter.
To drink 2l of water a day.
Move more and eat less.
I have the self control to do it, maintaining it however is a whole ‘nother story.
I feel the additional weight, get depressed and eat food that makes me feel better at least short term.
I haven’t met a chocolate bar I didn’t like.
Cake is another pitfall. I have so many excuses as well – there are birthday parties, tea dates, saying no can be seen as rude.
This year is the same. I have 10kgs to lose. Probably the same ten I lost 2 years ago.
I look after myself in so many other ways, why does this have to be such a battle. My age, my sweet tooth? Determination – that’s what I need.
I should just start. I missed the beginning of January so lets aim for February.
Wait that’s Valentine’s Day and CJ’s birthday.  There really isn’t ever a good time to start is there?

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