Monday, 19 September 2011

A new challenge: Introducing challenge 112.

There is a young lady in my scrapping class that has an album for her bucket list.
She has one, yes a bucket list at her 21 years.
Me, not so much.
So I got to thinking what would I do? What would I include on my list.
Not things like climb Kilimanjaro, (which she did last year with her over 50 year old Mom),
Not bungee jump from the highest bridge in South Africa, swim with dolphins and so on.
As she completes items on her list she scraps them and thinks up new things she wants to do.

 So do you have a bucket list?
Things you want to experience before you kick the bucket?
Swim with Dolphins, climb a mountain.
Make a list, add pics from Google and present a LO that captures the places you would still love to travel to and the experiences you feel you still HAVE to do.
Stroll along the Seine, eat a crawfish in New Orleans etc, a cornish pastie in Cornwall etc

So I put the challenge to the team to scrap a LO containing their bucket list - things they had done or still wanted to do before they kicked the bucket.
First up is Karen.

1. go to the Olympics
2. learn sign language
3.learn latin
4. learn the piano
5. tango in Argentina
6. travel in an overnight train
7. take an american road trip
8. visit monument valley
9. go to Tokyo
10. see the Easter Island statues
11. visit the pyramids
12. see the Taj Mahal
13. see the Great wall of China
14. Visit Petra
15. gamble in Las Vegas
16. learn to play bridge
17. keep chickens
18. own a convertible Morris Minor
19. learn to crochet
20. go to CHA
21. get on a scrapbook manufacturers design team
22. own a piece of art ( preferably by Van Gogh)
23. discover my family tree
24. go to the Grand National
25. See the Men’s final at Wimbledon
26. See the FA cup final at Wembley
27. go to the world cup
28. ice skate at the Rockefeller centre
29. be in the audience for Strictly come dancing
30. take a photo a day for a year
31. see St Basil’s cathedral
32. Eat at the Fat Duck or
33. study for a PhD
34. Cross the international date line
35. manage to fold some origami
36. fly in a helicopter
37. see the Northern lights
38. travel on the Orient Express
39. see orang-utans in the wild
40. get published in a scrapbook magazine


Leslie said...

wow! that is a great list, and I love the layout. I linked back to this post on my blog where I made my own Bucket list layout - quite pathetic when compared to this one! :o)

Ali said...

Love the list and the LO. I need to do this too! Thanks Stef! xox