Friday, 9 September 2011

Farewell summer

is a brand new kit being released by Meredith Cardall Designs
(I am very blessed to be guesting for her for the month of September)
 this is available on sale at Ninth and Bloom, here.

I created 2 Layouts for this one.
For the first I wanted a look like a high school girl, doodled page, dreaming about her future life.
Journaling says:
I never could have imagined that day when I said" I am just going on a date with him to the Bond movie - it's not like I am going to MARRY him! That my life would turn out the way it did...that we did marry 9 months later.
That we'd move to Stellenbosch, have 2 cats (ok, honestly I did imagine the 2 cats), three children (I dreamed of those as well), settle in the nOrthern suburbs and still be happily married more than 23years later.

This one is called Eighteen already?
It feels like just the other day that you were my little boy, and now look at how much you've grown. Where did the time go?

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