Monday, 5 September 2011

Introducing challenge 111.

Your home town.
Places that you will take visitors too.
Interesting facts that make your home town interesting - that put it on the map as it were.
Signs of interest.
Things you need to record and capture to enhance the experience, sights, sounds, smells etc.

First up is Karen:

1. Where I'm from
journalling reads
you might live in various different places but most people have somewhere they regard as their home town- I grew up in St Albans and the best thing we could think of as kids was a walk round the lake by the abbey and feed the ducks.

Sorry that I have been missing in action.
I think this is a great idea as a challenge.
I will definitely be creating a LO for my album, but I am having serious 2nd thoughts about putting too much information out there in cyberspace.
Hope you can understand that?

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