Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Not a celebration but a life's lesson.

My thanks to Joey Lynn Designs for this awesome template.

Thanks also to Elise's Pieces for her papers and flowers 
from her 365 studio and the alpha comes from her love me do kit.

My journaling:
Dad was away so I drove you to school, once there you came running back to me with the realisation that you’d left your ladybird project and Afrikaans oral notes at home. You begged me to drive home to collect it, but I knew that I’d never be able to make it home and back in the traffic before I had to teach my scrap class. Your eyes filled with tears and my heart turned over. I had a flashback to when I was a little girl and called my Mom, begging her to bring something to school and she also had to say no. I learned then to pack everything the night before and that I couldn’t really rely on my Mother to bail me out.
I gave you a hug and told you to pray and that I would be praying for you too that God would be gracious to you and enable you to do the oral on the next Monday. One little friend came alongside you and together you spoke to your teacher.  Hopefully this will be a positive experience for you that you need to be prepared and that God comes through for you, working all things for your good.

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Joey said...

Oh Stefanie! I think your layout is fabulous! I LOVE your journaling! Teaching a life lesson is so hard, but you handled it so well! You are a fantastic mom! Thank you SO much for linking me up to your blog! You have been such a blessing to my day! Thank you!