Wednesday, 16 March 2011

My challenge 100.

We are coming up for 23 years of marriage and I thought that would be something to celebrate so I created an "23 reasons I love you" LO.
My thanks to Elise's Pieces for her kit "love me do".
and the number 23 from her Friends and Family alpha.

1.I love the way your face lights up when you see me.
2.I love that you get me and think I am very funny, the things I say, my perspectives on life.
3. I love that you can remain calm and unruffled even in the face of my tumultuous emotions at times.
4. I love that you look for the good in people, you’re such a glass half full kind of guy
5. I love that you’re ready to paint anywhere anytime almost as soon as I can decide on a paint colour
6. I love that you buy me flowers just because you drive past the flower sellers
7. I love that you’re such a generous man, giving of your heart and your time
8. I love that you’re a wonderful provider and your wise financial decisions have blessed our family
9. I love that you’re willing to help out with hanging up the washing
10. I love that you’ve taken responsibility for driving the children to school
11. I love that you love spending time with me, calling me your best friend
12. I love that we can just sit together watching tv and you give me the remote
13. I love that you load the dishwasher every night
14. I love that you apologise when I wake you for snoring
15. I love the way you smell, see imprinting me with that “hangten deo” when were dating worked
16. I love that you can persevere even when knocked down by what others would term failures
17. I love the way holding your hand in mine feels
18. I love that you’ve made God central in our lives, and that going to church is what our family does
19. I love that when I have a cat on my lap I don’t need to do anything except go to the loo
20. I love your quirky sense of humour – unless it is directed at me or unless it involves Wackhead Simpson
21. I love your contentment, your happiness at just being at home with us all
22. I love that you support me in disciplining the children
23. I love that we have 23 years of shared years, that we’re stronger now though the trials and testing we’ve been through, the 3 children, the loss of 2 children, the pets, cars and ordinary, everyday joys of our lives together.

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Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

This is wonderful, Stefanie. Our 30th anniversary is in June, I may have to scraplift this!