Friday, 25 March 2011

Another from me

Happy 15th Birthday!
I did feel a little badly that we had no present for you when you woke up, but I did promise that I would take you to the mall after school to buy you the blue tooth thing you wanted for your birthday so that you could transfer data from your phone to the pc and vice versa. Shame Rosie had put together a small prezzie for you, including stuff she found upstairs and a tempo chocolate. The morning was pretty much the same as every morning, waking you up, you perched on the chair as you eat your 2 weetbix in hot milk. Passing the sugar back and forth.
Off to school where you did get a few envelope type gifts. When I collected you, both you and Josh were playing a cell phone game, making up meanings for abbreviations. Home for lunch –two minute noodles and then off to Incredible Connection. Pathetic service but you got the Bluetooth thingie.
Dad came home early and we went to the Spur. But one get one free burger special. I thought you’d be delighted to get a free ice-cream so I mentioned that it was your birthday. You had meant to tell me not to when we left the car. Oh well. You then threatened to tell them it was my birthday the next time we ever come to Spur. Joshua kept teasing you that they were coming to sing to you, even when they weren’t and you freaked out   e v e r y   s i n g l e   t i m e !
Rosie drew on your back while we waited and you got stuck into your caramel double thick shake. Then when the double rib burger came you were too full to finish it.
I really trust that your 15th birthday was a memorable one.
Love you very much.

My thanks to Janet Phillips for the LO that inspired me.
and to Elise's Pieces for the papers and digitreats for the birthday embellishments.

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Ali said...

Wonderful wonderfful journaling, as always!! TYFS!