Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Over to you

If you, our loyal followers and readers have any ideas I would love to hear from you.
I am keen to compile a list of links to challenge blogs, sketch blogs, other scrapping inspirational blogs, photography blogs etc.
I would also love to hear any comments you have, suggestions or challenges to set before the uber talented design team and if you're gentle I'll take criticism too.
We haven't had any participation in the last couple of month's challenges, if there is a reason for that and maybe changes I could make I'm open to that too. How much does a prize or RAK influence your participation?
I am happy to continue to provide inspiration as we have been but if there are ideas to increase readership and participation and suggestions for challenges please let me have it.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year with many blessings and a better year than the one we are wrapping up.


Debbie said...

I enjoy the sketches on Twisted Sketches.
I visited this blog a few days ago and tried to see 'what' exactly the challenge 71 was, but all I could see was DT LO's and nowhere clearly described what was required. So I moved onto the next blod on my reader list. Maybe others found it similarly confusing?

Melissa W. said...

I agree with this, Stefanie. :) The sidebar where the latest challenge is listed should give a more detailed explanation. I don't know if it's better to break up each of the DT pages like this or to post them all at once and then follow up with reader posts. That way, there's only 2 posts that would show up on the page for a given challenge: the challenge with DT reveal and the reader roundup. :)

Debbie said...

Hi Stefanie, thanks fr your reply on my blog. I can't say whether weekly or monthly challenges would be better as it depends how much time I have as to whether I participate. I would prop do one every month, and not every week, unless like at the moment I am off work on holiday and have lots of time. Probably seeing the DT LO's in one go would read better for me, and having the challenge in the sidebar (like where you have the red writing re the Christmas Time challenge) gicing exact details of thechallenge. Hope this helps an d look forward to seeing what challennge 72 will bring (what was the criteria for challenge 71 btw?)

Debbie said...

Hi Stefanie, thanks for the link.

Here is my LO for the challenge.

Debbie said...

Not sure if that link will work, try this one

Helen Tilbury said...

Hmmmm...sorry things are slow - I for one love JJ as you know LOL! For me prizes definitely influence my decision to take part in challenges on other sites. I don't have time to enter them all so I always start with any that have good "RAKS" up for grabs first. Somehow some folk manage to get really good prizes sponsored. For example, The Scrappiest have a whole kit (valued at about $25) to be won each month & they are also happy to send it anywhere free of charge. I gather that the sponsor bears this cost generally & not the challenge blog administrator. Perhaps some of our local companies, such as Art from the Heart & Enmarc may be willing to offer something as it could be great "advertising" for them if their prizes were won by non-South African residents. It's also really important to me (& others it would seem - from reading the above comments) that challenge blogs are simple to understand, with the latest challenge & due date clearly visible immediately aswell as the prize on offer for the month. Personally I like the way you post the DT layouts separately but clearly I'm in the minority here so perhaps a change is worth a try - it's great that you are willing to experiment & accept our thoughts - thanks!

La grande cupcake said...

For me...I don't care about the prizes. I want the challenge to be good and the reason I like this blog is for the journaling challenges. If I want a sketch challenge ,I'll go to pencil line ,if I want a picture challenge ,I'll go to...well, you get where I'm going with this. So for me, when the journaling challenge IS a GOOD challenge, that's when I'm hooked!

Diana said...

I like this site a lot and haven't participated in the last few challenges because they were either too similar to challenges on other challenge blogs, or, more likely because I haven't had time (I haven't been scrapping much lately).

The RAK helps, but it's not the main reason I do the challenge.

Ann said...

Hi, I'm relatively new to your blog so haven't participated in a challenge yet. I'm sorry no-one has taken part for a while in the challenges but I don't think that's a reflection on the blog itself - it's a busy time of year for everyone including me! But if you're interested in the thoughts of Newbies as well as regular gals, I am not influenced by the prize on offer. It is the challenge that grabs me and inspires me to take part (also the examples by the DT).
I agree with comments above that it is important that a date for entries to be submitted by should be clearly identifiable and how to submit your entry.
Finally, I agree with La Grande Cupcake - this is a journaling challenge site and that's great. I can go elsewhere for other types of challenges e.g.
52in10 (photography)
Vanilla Sugar (home decor)
Project 12 (scrapbooking)
Hope this helps.