Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Introuducing challenge 70.


Main journaling reads:-

To my special boy - Jack - you have been a constant source of both joy & frustration in my life from a very young age. You are immensely talented on the sports field & possess a contagious charisma, your peers are always mesmerized by you & your teachers always admire your determination, but as your mum you know that you can let down your gaurd with me & just be yourself...

Side journaling reads:-

Dec 2008 - precious, prickly, successful, sometimes surly.

committed. a little bit crazy. passionate, purposeful, I love you!

this one comes from Helen.

The challenge here is to document the negative.
Journal not only about the positives - document a negative aspect of someone, somewhere or something that you love dearly.
To document flaws or some other negative emotions.