Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Melissa's challenge 70.

Title: Oh, colic!
Journaling: Colic is a dirty word in this house after you, Cameron!

You were a miserable little baby from the time you were 2 weeks old until you were several months old.

There were times I was tempted to leave you at the hospital for another family!

But we made it through & most of all I loved you even when I didn't perhaps always like you.

And I'm still thankful that those days are over! 11/28/09


Photographing Mom said...

I had one with colic and even though he is now 26, I can still remember those days clearly!! Yes, it is an awesome thing when they are finally over!!! Cute lay out!!

Tracy said...

Love your journaling because it really describes how you felt about that time with your baby ... I know that even now I sometimes don't like my son - he is just entering his teens but I will ALWAYS love him with every fibre of my being ...

Love, Tracy G

Helen Tilbury said...

Oh I can Sooooooooooooo relate to that journaling - my one son was a little misery night & day for years!!!

Liza said...

Love the journaling Melissa. You were able to relate what your true feelings were at that time. And it keeps things real in how our lives run on a daily basis.