Thursday, 21 May 2009

Melissa's challenge 57

My Mom has taught me many things in life, both directly & indirectly. Growing up, we often struggled for money, and this taught me that the important things in life are not always held in hand. That is one of the reasons we opted for a small, simple wedding. She taught me, through the financial struggles of my childhood, how to make the most of every dollar. That is why we were able to put our wedding together for under $3000. She also taught me how to be humble and accept help, which is why our wedding day was so wonderful – the help that was given by family & friends to accomplish all of the tasks that need to be done. Thanks, Mom!


cabbie lopez said...

what a beautiful mom you have. love the layout!

Liza said...

That is sweet! AM sure your mom will appreciate this gesture of gratitude!

janis said...

beautiful bride and beautiful mom. ;o) beautiful layout too.