Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Challenge 57: Mother's Day.

Our Mother's have taught us so much...but then so have our children.

This fortnight make a LO journaling the lessons taught you either by your Mom or your children.
This challenge will run until the 30th of May.

It takes 3 sleeps to mourn the loss of a dummy (pacifier)
Jelly (jello) and custard are a balanced meal
Even the expensive Kirby vacuum cannot get prestick out of a new carpet
Postman Pat has a black and white cat
You can't get nail polish off a varnished dining room table
You actually can chew a mouthful of chicken for more than 30 minutes and then spit it out
Grapes sink
Deodorant costs the same as air freshner and also dissipates farts
Sponge bob lives in a pineapple under the sea
Anything before 1982 was the olden days (as in Michael Jackson was black, in the olden days)Chickenpox can leave scars even when not scratched
Cockroaches can float in a toilet bowl for more than 24 hours without either being flushed away or drowning
Fish are friends not food
Firelighters and matches are the most effective to make fire when playing "Survivor"
You can use peanut butter to get chewing gum out of hair
If icing (frosting) tastes better than cake, why eat the cake?
You can talk with food in your mouth (contrary to what my Mother told me!)
One can put too much salt on movie popcorn
Any pen left next to the phone probably doesn't work
Puzzle pieces can be eaten
Certain beads fit inside nostrils
An elastic band, a screw and a safety pin will stop the washing machine from spinning
Even a Woolies' blazer button can fall off before the first day of high school
If you scratch mozzie bites until they are raw and bleeding they do stop itching
Snot will stick onto the wall making an artistic statement
Pronutro left under the bed for long enough will feed a family of maggots
Creme soda cordial does curdle milk, but strawberry cordial doesn't
School clothes and shoes shrink over the 6 week school holiday
Pizza contains all 5 major food groups
Sharing is caring
Scrapbooking isn't actually working it's more like fun


Charmaine T said...

Wow... That really sums up my life's lessons too....

Helen Tilbury said...

I remember this from your blog - you have made it into such a nice layout!

Lynette said...

Wow Stef...I love to see what you blogged on a layout. Well done my friend.

Nicole Drewniak said...

We sure learn a lot from our kids, don't we? :0)

janis said...

witty journaling, love this!!!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

So funny. And I love the South African phrasing SO much! I didn't know that grapes sink...

I'm wondering, so many of you do just one page lo's. I can't seem to get past my facing pages not do you?

And IKWYM, regarding strong willed children. Both the girls are very spirited, in different ways. Aviana is 4 now, so I can see the dividends of all those battles!

cabbie lopez said...

thank you for a beautiful challenge! i learned a lot from the team's work.