Friday, 8 May 2009

Helen's challenge 56

Helen's inspiration

You will see that what I used was not exactly an advert but rather a promotional page from my daughter's "Seventeen" Magazine. I only buy Scrapbooking magazines & none of them had suitable adverts & I liked the look of the page I chose when I realised I could create a "Random Pile" collage & change the photos to the old Polaroid style. Left side right side


Journalling : You love "adventuring" outside in the mornings & come back filthy dirty.

We've given you 3 baths so far & you are so laid back you don't really mind!

We can always find you passed out somewhere - Whate a perfect life!

Always ready for a cuddle - You know how to impress the boss.

How did we ever live without you? You kitties have made our house a home.

In just a few months you have captured all our hearts and are now part of our family.

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cabbie lopez said...

cute cat pics and journaling too!