Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Telling a story with numbers.

A successful scrapbook page does four things. It: captures the viewer’s attention, controls the eye’s movement, conveys information, and evokes emotion. The traditional way to do this is with a balanced combination of text, photos, color and motif. Here’s a way to shake up your approach: rely on numbers to tell a story with power.

Stefanie Semple says, “I am wrestling with my concept of an ideal weight, and this page documents some of my thoughts as I am processing this issue once again.”
“I wanted numbers on the page to be both bold and subtle, hence the black stamped numbers. I divided the two numbers with the subtitle of “my ideal weight” cuing context and adding another pop of color. I center-aligned the journaling underneath the numbers to act as a visual shelf. I love the overlay with its messiness, rather resembling my inner turmoil. The paper with the hot air balloons echoes the feeling that these numbers are out of reach.”

The stamped numbers I used are a freebie from Karla Dudley.

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