Saturday, 1 June 2013

Get it Scrapped CT Blog Hop

 I am incredibly honoured to be a part of the Get It Scrapped Creative Team for another year. I have learned so much through the Masterful Scrapbook Designs Issues, the daily inspirational blog posts and the ScrapBook Coach Classes. I love hearing the teachers explain their processes and how and why to add that little something extra to my layouts.

It is no secret that I love large photos on my layouts, with journaling and only a little white space, however this article, Go off the edge with clusters and bits encouraged me to try something a little different. Smaller photos, more white space and additional layers to my minimalistic clusters. I am always up for a challenge, something that stretches me and helps me grow and improve.

Noted: Breaking canvas edges adds a tension.

I chose to do this with both sets of my photo clusters. The photos and their matting bleed off of the canvas. The flowers are also half featured, allowing the reader's brain to imagine the rest of their shapes. I created a visual triangle of pink items (button, plastic flower and small flower)  and a separate one of the turquoise. (plastic flower, bird and small flower) Things appear attached by stitching staples, photo anchors and buttons. I chose a yellow paper for my back ground paper as it is a happy colour. The addition of the bird flying free is a symbol of the freedom I feel escaping the humdrum and chores at home to eat out with a friend while the children are at school.

For my layout I used Where I stand by Litabell's Designs - available at ScrapMatters.

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Join Guest teachers Doris Sander, Amber Ries, Betsy Sammarco, Audrey Neal, Erin Basset for a closer look adding that extra little something to go from blah to fabulous!

Scrapbook page embellishment is about the joy of the detail.This month we luxuriate in these details that are as delightful to select and place as they are to see on the finished piece later. We begin this immersion in embellishing with a look at how embellishments help you tell your story and delight the viewer’s eye.
  • Embellish with Purpose
  • Strengthen Design with Embellishments
  • Embellishment Clusters
  • Embellishment Homes
  • Get Creative with Embellishments
  • Building Embellishment Clusters by Amber Ries
  • Using Digital Brushes as Embellishments by Audrey Neal
  • Create Custom Clothing Tag Embellishments with your Computer by Betsy Sammarco
  • Using Vintage Items on Your Layouts by Doris Sander
  • Go-To Ideas for Artful Embellishments by Erin Bassett
  • Simple Unexpected Details Will Make Your Layout Artful by Tami Taylor
For more ideas and discounts from the Get It Scrapped Team keep on hopping, using the links below.


Amy Kingsford said...

So great to have you return to the team again this year Stefanie--I love your no-nonsense approach to memory keeping!

alexisaragona said...

What a cool way to play with the edge of your canvas! I love that both the top photo AND mat go off the edge :D

Debbie Hodge said...

This is great. I love the subjects you choose to scrapbook and how they get so many aspects of your life on the page. Thanks for your work this last year --- I'm so glad you're staying on for another.

Marie-Pierre Capistran said...

really nice layout, Stefanie!! I like the yellow background and the texture of the stitching around the page and all your little embellishments. I'm looking forward to another year in the team with you. :)

Kiki K said...

Lovely page! all these little details that guide your eye all around...simply beautiful! :)

P.S. just this in Santorini? The background of your portrait looks so familiar...

mfortunato said...

Lovely photos and what a lovely setting for lunch with a friend! This is definitely a happy layout :D

Celeste said...

one of my favorite color combos always so crisp! glad to be on the team with you!

Christy aka. Emeraldvalkyrie said...

I look forward to working with you again this year! As always, I love your layouts.

Carrie said...

You really have created a happy page! I'm happy to get to be creating along side of you this year. :)

Sue Althouse said...

You really rocked this page! So glad to be on the team with you for another year!

Ahayes1225 said...

I really like the way you broke out of the canvas. I am looking forward to working with you this coming year.

Anonymous said...

Hello "neighbor"! This is a great example of breaking borders. I'm looking forward to being on the team with you this year!

BrendaB said...

I love the photo placement on this and way your grey title pops against the yellow background!

Lise Mariann said...

This was such a cool layout! Really loved it! The clusters were so fun and the colors were just right. So glad to be on the creative team with you this year. :-)

Anonymous said...

Stefanie this is a great layout! It is a really interesting design (I would never have thought of placing things like that) and the cute embellishments are beautifully placed. Very cool.

Sian said...

I absolutely love the design of this page..something about it really speaks to me! So I'm looking forward to scrapping with you this year and seeing what else you come up to inspire us

S said...

Love those eye-catching flowers - I think flowers aren't given their due these days. I'm looking forward to serving together on the team with you. It should be fun.