Friday, 20 July 2012

Take one cat

Day dreaming on his own

 Cue one baby brother looking for some action!
 That pained expression means he does NOT feel like playing and being bitten right now.
 Big brother exits via the bedroom window - I swear he does it just because he knows his brother can't. The cat flap is open and he could exit that way.
 Intense longing on this little one's face. He tried to get past the curtain but it was just ...too...far...
 Then he tried to get there from the ground, but it was ...just ...too... high...
 So I took pity on him, stopped laughing and put the camera down to lift him to the window sill. Where he did this very ungainly maneuver to climb through the window.
Then he squeezed back in again to watch his brother from inside while Shadow made the most of his alone time by watching birds and having his morning wash.

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