Sunday, 8 July 2012

Dolphin dreams

 I rotated the top left template through 90 degrees and added a couple more mats.

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Helen Tilbury said...

Interesting kit. Like the look of this page. Just wanted to clarify one thing I said that you may have misunderstood when I told you I wasn't that interested in someone else's blog. That was only due to the lack of interest in mine on their part. Not because of their life or anything like that. I follow many blogs and the level of scrapping or lack of is not a factor, rather that we have a relationship and I recognise that they are a sincere person as genuinely interested in me as I am in them. I have met 5 bloggy friends in real life so far and each has been exactly as I deduced them online to be. Meeting up with you was fun! I have flu right now but when I'm all better I'll send you the photos, can you do the same for me? Thanks :)