Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Karen's challenge 110

title- Dutch recipes (?) to take back home

The question mark is there because one of them is definitely not a recipe and the other two are Dutch favourites but are recipes that they have taken from other lands

for each picture the recipe is written on the back of the tag

from South Africa
fry some minced beef and onion and then add the following
raisins, curry paste, mango chutney, cloves, turmeric, 
Put all this in a shallow dish,and top with a mixture of milk and egg
bake for half an hour- serve with yellow rice and salad

Nasi Goreng
from Indonesia
fry some chicken then add a mix of stir fry veg- meanwhile cook the rice
when the rice is cooked add it to the veg and chicken and add the spices ( coriander and ginger)
with soy sauce 
in another pan cook some scrambled eggs add these to the top of the Nasi goreng-
 serve with ketsup Manis

patats met oorlog
my fave topping at the manniquin pis
it consists of mayonnaise, satay sauce and raw onion

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